Pondering The Details

Greetings on this wintry day!

We recently completed a beautiful bathroom remodel with many details that were architecturally appropriate for the home and considerate of the homeowner’s tastes. Among the details was a Marvin Architectural Series round top window.

Round Top Outside

The details of this window are very exciting. The amount of time, thought and craft that went into making this window happen amazes me. I am often in awe that as humans, we have figured out how to extract raw materials from our earth and mold them into forms that in addition to their striking visual appeal, are also functional, durable and long lasting. After all, the forms in the photos above are literally pieces of the earth extracted and molded/fabricated into a deliverable product. As we removed the original round top window with the intent of replacing it with a 21st century equivalent, I wondered if we would get the details right. And after much work, we did! To give some perspective as to what went into making this window a visually pleasing and functional reality, I want to reflect, with an admittedly incomplete list, on what went into making into its current form.

Marvin Round Top With Flankers

-The raw materials and chemicals to make the window, window trim, flashing, insulation, caulk, and paint. This list alone must enumerate into the hundreds. Not to mention the years of engineering, research, trial and error across a multitude of industries, professions, states, and countries.

-The companies involved with the products: Marvin, Azek, Hilti, DuPont, Scherer Brothers, and OSI. To think of all of the families that are going to be gathering this holiday season to be together that proudly put their time and effort into creating and standing behind high quality products is impressive.

-The tools, fasteners and sundries that went into crafting/installing the window: Milwaukee Tool, Ridgid Tools, Bosh, Dewalt, Whoever made the scaffolding, Werner ladders, GRK, Stanley, just to name a few. Think of all of the years of combined experience, improvement, failure and wisdom in those tools.

-The minds – Marvin’s architectural department, Hanson Building and Remodeling’s design team, our amazing carpenters, the homeowner’s input

-The craft- And to finally bring every detail together for a product that is going to hold up for decades to come takes a lot of follow through, grit, patience and skill.

It really is amazing that all of the details do come together and I am thrilled that we can help orchestrate the entire process.

Stay warm and happy detail pondering.

Dan Hanson