Collaboration: Our Approach to Working With Subcontractors

While we may seem biased, we know there’s a lot more to remodeling a home than beautiful design. From research to planning to project management, the entire building process involves collaboration between a lot of people. One vital group in that number? Subcontractors. Our partnerships with our clients are always our first priority. However, we also cultivate strong connections with our subcontractors.

At Hanson Remodeling, we’re proud of our subcontractor relationships. We’ve worked with some of these people for many years, slowly cultivating solid partnerships built on mutual trust and respect. Read on below for the other things that distinguish our approach to working with subcontractors from the competition.

We don’t begin any working relationships hastily. We take the time to screen any new collaborators, carefully vetting their references, licenses, insurance, accreditations, and industry experience. Your home is a personal private space. We have a high level of trust in our subcontractors; we know they’re professionals who respect our clients’ spaces every time they work.

Our subcontractors aren’t just our business associates; they’re our trusted partners. We see our tradespeople as teammates – we depend on their skills, support, and tireless efforts. Our plumbers, electricians, heating and air conditioning pros, drywallers, painters, tilers and more have specialized training and expertise; we treat them that way.

During the design phase of a project, we rely on our subcontractors to visit and provide input. This results in better design and functionality and prepares the project for smooth construction. Collaboration also allows us to detect issues before they arise. We also develop our project schedule based on subcontractor input, ensuring a realistic timeline.

We are constantly working to improve our design-build process for our clients. Open discussion helps problems get solved quickly and with efficiency. Proper planning paired with good team communication means top-notch project execution. Our subcontractors also have the integrity to respond to and address issues if they do arise.

Want to Know More?
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