Q&A: What’s Your Remodeling Philosophy?

Before you start working on a major home update, you probably have quite a few big questions for your contractor. One question we recommend asking, what’s your remodeling philosophy?

Much like you’d want to know a doctor’s patient care style or a how a mechanic handles car repairs; it’s essential to learn your contactor’s approach to home improvement and client relationships.

Our Remodeling Philiosphy
So, what is our remodeling philosophy at Hanson Remodeling? We believe that the heart of what we do is serving our clients with excellence. In every stage of the planning and building process, our goal is to make you feel taken care of and heard.

Communication is Key
The cornerstone of our approach is an emphasis on communication. From the initial design meetings to days spent on-site, our focus always goes back to collaboration and discussion. This philosophy doesn’t only improve our relationships; we think it makes our work stronger in the end. 

Respectful Relationships
Besides valuing communication with our clients, we also cultivate an open dialogue with our subcontractors. We respect our subcontractors as vital members of our team and view their input and expertise as a priceless resource.

Clear Expectations
The final bedrock of our remodeling philosophy is setting clear expectations. We want our clients to trust us, which means we pride ourselves on maintaining a level of transparency about budgets, estimates, timelines, and changes. Remodeling is never without surprises, but we do our best to overcome those challenges with professionalism and thorough planning.

Have Other Questions?
Want to know more about what it would look like to remodel with our crew? Please, feel free to reach out to us anytime – we’d love to talk about your project and answer your questions, big and small!