Renovation: Bringing New Life to Classics

At Hanson Remodeling, one of our team’s biggest passions is working on older homes. We’ve completed countless renovation projects, and truly, we consider it an honor to bring new life to beautiful classic homes.

So how do we renovate homes with patience, care, and respect? Read on below for a snapshot of four of the values that guide our process.

Balance is Always Key
Renovation projects are different than a typical remodel, they require a careful balance between old and new. Remodeling is about transforming spaces into something different. Renovation updates a space with new finishes and fixtures without changing its original use. Restoration, on the other hand, returns a space to its original use, character and materials.

Original Details Should be Treasured
One of our favorite things about remodeling historic homes is the unique challenge of integrating appropriate style and charm while meeting the homeowner’s modern lifestyle. The feel of your home will dictate the design direction. At Hanson, we love to open-up kitchens, create master suites, and add mudrooms that feel as though they belong to the original home.

Modern Technology Revives Classics
Just because a house has a traditional style, doesn’t mean you can’t apply industry-leading technology to bring out its best features! In fact, we believe that marrying modern building advancements with classic spaces creates distinctly beautiful and valuable homes.

Architectural History Matters
We care about the carpenters and designers who came before us. It’s a privilege to restore their work and help save a part of our community’s residential and architectural history. These projects are a fun challenge precisely because our team gets to be creative within such unique boundaries.

Did you need help renovating your historic home or restoring it to its former glory? Please, get in touch with our team anytime – we’d love to help you get started!

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