COVID-19 – Our Current Approach

During this time of limiting the spread of COVID-19, our entire company is doing all that we can to help limit the spread. We are following CDC and MN Department of Health Guidelines. We are staying home when in doubt – even if we don’t show acute symptoms. We are social distancing. We are communicating with all of our trade partners and suppliers on a regular basis. Our office staff is largely working from home. Our field staff are working in areas of homes, that are separate work zones and allow for social distancing.

All of that said, it’s incredibly important to keep the lines of communication open. If you are a current or potential client and want to agree on how to approach this, or you have ideas, please let us know! The lines are open among everyone in our company and everyone working on our projects. These are unprecedented times. Therefore, it’s important that we follow guidelines and also speak up when we have new ideas, concerns and different perspectives.

The main disruptions to any remodeling projects will be potentially some delay in scheduling of meetings and following protocols as they are updated from the CDC and MN Department of Health. We should not experience too many other delays as of now. We are currently doing a lot of sales calls via video conferencing and it’s working well! So, if you are sitting around your home and want to discuss design ideas, please let us know.

We have not had supply issues with product as of yet. We will stay on top of the ordering of materials as we always do.

Be well, take care of each other and let’s stay in touch.